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Entrepreneurship is wealth-creating. It encourages innovation, brings new value to the market, and helps build local and regional wealth. Entrepreneurship can empower young people to boost their lives and livelihoods, create jobs and solve social problems through innovation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens problems in food security, public health, and employment in Iraq, entrepreneurship is more important than ever to “build back better” towards a post-pandemic world.

Building on the experience and lessons learned of the past five cycles (2016-2020), 2021 UNITAR COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme: Mobilizing Resilient Entrepreneurs to Address Food Insecurity, Public Health and Unemployment - For Youth in Iraq is an online training programme that equips youth entrepreneurs in Iraq with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to turn ideas for a social or for-profit enterprise into a business model that meets the urgent domestic needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and promotes sustainable recovery.

The programme is conducted with the financial support of the Government and the People of Japan.

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