Learning from past experiences to inform future programmes and organizational decisions is a vital step of an evaluation process. Lessons learned from evaluations are abstract generalizations that provide an evidence-based source of information on what has (and what has not) worked well from programming implemented in a given setting and under certain conditions with results from such exercises contributing to the creation and uptake of knowledge.

Aligned with UNITAR’s strategic framework learning approach to evaluation, this lessons learned paper series aims to contribute to management and dissemination of knowledge generated from previous evaluations that can also contribute to quality improvement of future programming. Synthetizing lessons from UNITAR independent and self-evaluations undertaken since 2016, each issue contains (“positive” and “negative”) lessons from different categories, as recorded in the internal UNITAR lessons learned repository.

More information on the evaluation function at UNITAR can be obtained by contacting the Unit at evaluation@unitar.org.

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