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18 December 2018
The potential for future impact can be seen with Pema, another participant of the UNOSAT training. Only two years into her job with the National Land Commission as a survey engineer, Pema has a different scope of work than Sonam.
18 December 2018
Talking with Sonam, who was video calling us from outside in the green forests of Bhutan where he works, it was soon clear how passionate he is about his work; he is engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was also clear that, for Sonam and his team at least, the UNOSAT training has had an immediate impact on the work that they do.
How a project on green fiscal reform became the basis for real intervention in Kyrgyzstan
8 November 2018
“I developed the plan for measures to reform the fuel subsidy in Kyrgyzstan with the support of other participants and mentors of the GFR e-course. Now, it’s considered as the basis for real intervention and proposed to be included in the next phase of the country development programme in Kyrgyzstan.”
From an Online Course to the Classroom: Adapting the Green Fiscal Reform Concept to the Mongolian Context
8 November 2018
The green economy concept in Mongolia connects heavily to the herding communities, where natural resources (pastureland and water) and the environmental challenges, and human development are the key areas of the ‘green changes’.
Mr. Bumerdene Dulam, CEO of Mongolian National Consulting Firm and a founder of the NGO “Mongolian Green Business Council”
8 November 2018
After taking an e-course on “Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Asia”, Mr. Bumerdene Dulam developed the Green Business Handbook and training manual for the Ministry of Environment and organized a training for more than 1,000 Mongolian companies.
Joel Ayim Darkwah - Assistant Programme Officer UNDP, Ghana
7 November 2018
"The activities of the project that EPA, UNDP and UNITAR have supported has significantly increased the priority given to mercury management in Ghana."
Solomon Kusi Ampofo - Natural Resources Governance Coordinator Friends of the Nation (NGO), Ghana
7 November 2018
"The workshop contributed as one of the outcomes in terms of building the national capacity to undertake Mercury Inventory."
Mercury Management in Ghana
7 November 2018
In Ghana, UNITAR has jointly implemented programmes and initiatives with the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other partners such as the Swiss Confederation, the Global Environment Fund and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since 2015 to provide a national framework for the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.
How green fiscal reform could influence country policies towards more sustainable natural resource management practices
28 March 2018
“While donors nowadays emphasize on sustainable development, the finance of such development is becoming scarcer and scarcer. For this reason, governments will need to shift away from traditional external donor funding and move towards more sustainable finance mechanisms that can be allocated and managed in-country.”
Ella Pad: Innovative Solution to Waste Reuse to Make low-cost sanitary napkin for garments workers in Bangladesh
1 February 2018
UNITAR courses don’t just provide information — they help individuals develop ideas and solutions to the problems they face. They help individuals cultivate sustainable solutions. Mamunur Rahman is one of these individuals.