UNITAR is delighted to unveil the first edition of the Executive Program in Global Leadership and Business Diplomacy, in partnership with the Global Institute of Excellence, a Hong Kong-based firm dedicated to advancing organizational and professional development.

The Executive Program, the first fruit of the partnership between the two organizations, is specifically designed for professionals from the private sector and executives from the international business community, and represents a unique opportunity for professionals to excel in creating effective solutions at the international level. The programme is also constructed for participants to hone their skills in diplomacy and leadership for the 21st century business environment, while increasing their global network and career opportunities.

The 1st edition will run from December 2019 to May 2020 in Hong Kong and Macao. In this period, innovative and practical content will be delivered, which will focus on current trends in international business including aligning business practices with the Sustainable Development Goals, harnessing inter-cultural relationships as globalization continues to eliminate borders to business, mastering international negotiation and conflict resolution skills, and learning the implications of digital diplomacy and Artificial Intelligence on contemporary international practices.

Not only will participants receive training from top-notch experts in the field, the workshops will also include practical opportunities for participants to test their skills which will transcend into practical outcomes that they can apply to their profession, community and personal life. They will also build a new network of executives across different sectors and locations, increasing their global network and career opportunities. For more information and to enroll, please contact our partners at admin@gie.com.hk or (852) 3101-7089.

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