States affected by fragility, conflict, and violence face major threats to their national security, economy, and environment. This directly impacts the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as multiple forms of human insecurity are resulting in widespread and cross-cutting challenges to the survival, livelihood, and dignity of people.  

From 2018 to 2021, UNOSAT is participating in the project EO4SD Fragility, conflict and security. This European Space Agency project aims to promote the adoption of Earth Observation-based products and services into the working processes of projects funded by international financial institutions. The goal is to contribute to the improvement of human and environmental security in states affected by fragility. 

Our team is in charge of activities related to "Justice, law and early detection of onset of crises" through: 

  • Providing support to election planning and implementation; 

  • The detection of illegal activities; 

  • The detection of crimes against humanity; 

  • The detection and monitoring of in region population displacements; 

  • Assessing onset and/or damage of violence. 

UNOSAT is leading the project's capacity-building activities, with the aim to further develop knowledge and use of Earth Observation technologies within international financial institutions and fragile states to support security and sustainable development. These activities include online courses as well as in-situ custom workshops and trainings. 

You can find more information about EO4SD Fragility, conflict, and security on the official website and ESA's webpage


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