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A changemaker is a gifted and innovative individual who has the power to create positive change in their environment. Becoming a changemaker begins with finding one's gift, passion, abilities, and values, and knowing which causes one's abilities will likely be most suited to support. The lack of access to and knowledge of specialised tools, like the Changemakers Series, which have been developed to make this self-discovery process simple, is one of the challenges that can accompany the action of recognising one's gifts and putting them to use. The Changemakers Series from UNITAR is a resource designed to help changemakers realise their potential and discover a cause they are passionate about, and it can help determine any support they may require to utilise their strengths for creating positive change.

The micro-courses in the UNITAR Changemakers Series are created expressly to guide you on the path to becoming a changemaker. If you're prepared to make a difference, you may start your adventure by enrolling in the Explore Your Changemaker Potential course, which UNITAR has created and made accessible on the EdApp platform. The series is anticipated to include several courses, the first of which is the flagship "Explore Your Changemakers Potential." 

Explore Your changemaker potential

About the Course 

This course helps you discover your unique perspective on how to change the world. You'll receive exercises for self-reflection, questions that will inspire you, and ideas on how to create your action plan. If you want to start a change that reflects your personality and responds to genuine, immediate needs around the world, this course is for you. You can access the course in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese

Some tools you will interact with in this course: 

  • The IKIGAI model is a Japanese model that provides a structured process to help you get closer to crafting a meaningful life and work. 

  • Your Changemaker Sweet Spot will help you dive deep into your passions, strengths and values and see how they combine with what the world needs. 

  • Your Map of Actions and Ideas contains an outline of your visions, a list of actions you would take to achieve your vision, and the resources you would need to execute the actions. 

Course duration:  

The course can be taken at your own pace and will usually not take more than 2 dedicated hours. 

Concrete benefits of completing the course 

  • You will have a list of your values and strengths that will inspire you to create change that reflects your personality. 

  • You will develop a printable personalised Map of Action and Ideas that you can always consult to guide you in taking the right actions that suit your values and strengths. 

  • You will receive an EdApp certificate that showcases your power to leverage your changemaker potential to start making the change in your environment.  

Materials you may use to have a richer experience: 

  • Pen / Marker: you need a pen if you want to write down some important points from your learning. 

  • Notebook/voice recorder: it is advisable to take notes of your thoughts or record them to keep track of your progress and whatever changes may occur. 

  • Speaker/headphones: the course contains audio and video content that may require that you use a hearing aid. 

Platforms where you can take the course: 

From past learners

The resource is so great in a way that it has helped me to understand myself better, what I'm doing today is great, I just have to keep on pushing, believing in my efforts and embracing my capabilities, knowing what matters to me and how to utilise the opportunities I come across to the fullest.


I liked that it helped me have another point of focus and to think through my emotions and how they can help me be better.

Everything clearly followed each other which simplified my understanding of the subject

How to access the tool

Go to EdApp  and Create an Account

Go to Playstore or Appstore on your smartphone and download EdApp: Mobile LMS 

Once downloaded, login using your account details. 

In the “Search for courseware” bar, enter “Explore Your Changemaker Potential.” 

Alternatively, click the “+” button at the lower right corner and search “Explore Your Changemaker Potential.” 

Click on the course 

Next, click on “Add Course” on the bottom right

Close the search catalogue and click on the course to begin.

Regardless of your internet access, you can access lessons in the series from anywhere in the world. This free course initiative is made possible through “Educate All”, which is a global learning initiative designed to democratise and increase access to free, high-quality adult education, initiated in 2020.

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