UNITAR has now launched its first ‘Micro Training of Trainers’ course, hosted on the mobile learning Ed App platform 

This 1.5 hour long micro-course covers the fundamentals of learning, training design and delivery. It covers some basic TOT concepts and includes easy to use ice-breakers, training methods and facilitation tips that trainers can keep in their pockets and access any time.   

Each lesson is highly immersive with interactive and fun activities, self-reflection questions, mini scenario exercises and inspiring examples. Learners can complete the course on their phone or tablet in their own time. The course can be downloaded for offline access and is available in different languages. Check below to enroll in the one most convenient for you! 

Select here to enroll in the English Micro TOT 

Select here to enroll in the Arabic Micro TOT 

Select here to enroll in the French Micro TOT 

Select here to enroll in the Spanish Micro TOT

UNITAR Training of Trainers Approach


An essential part of UNITAR’s approach is ensuring local ownership and the long-term sustainability of our projects. One way in which we specialise is to integrate a Training of Trainers approach, whereby the individuals and institutions we work with take ownership over the training programmes and are empowered to multiply impact across different contexts, without our necessary involvement in the long-term. 

UNITAR is committed to supporting the professional development of trainers to ensure local ownership and the long-term sustainability of its projects. In this sense, we train individuals and institutions to become qualified trainers, thus enabling them to multiply to a wider audience with greater impact. We empower trainers to be more effective and engaging to enhance and transform the knowledge, skills and attitudes of those they work with. 

This micro Training of Trainers course gives a short overview of our methodological approach to training.

Ed App


Learning and education remain ever-transforming pillars of society. In navigating the changing technological landscape and learner requirements, microlearning has become a pivotal tool in extending the accessibility of learning. 

The “Educate All” public library marks a collaboration between EdApp and UNITAR to democratize and increase access to free, high-quality adult education. The initiative has opened a free public library of microlearning courses related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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