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28 November 2023
28 November 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – On 9 November 2023, UNITAR Division for Prosperity held a programme launch and orientation for the Japan-funded training programme “Developing Green Livelihoods for Women and Youth in Africa: Strengthening Food Security, Supporting Climate Resilient Economies”. Through the programme, 150 women and youth participants from Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe with a passion for development will gain skills to support climate-resilient economies. It will run from November 2023 to February 2024 and have online and in-person elements.
Guests of the launch and orientation included government officials, programme partners and participants of the new programme.
28 November 2023
28 November 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR Division for Prosperity held a launch and orientation for the Japan-funded training programme “Developing Essential Digital Skills for Women and Youth in Africa: Enhancing Employment Opportunities and Livelihood Development in the Digital Economy”. The programme aims to enhance the employability and competitiveness of African women and youth in the global workforce, readying them with the “4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)” and future-of-work digital skills in a digital-driven world. The programme focuses on 24 Anglophone African countries and will run from November 2023 to February 2024.
27 November 2023
27 November 2023, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR Division for Prosperity welcomed Ms Jaehyang (Jae) So to its Advisory Board, effective November 2023. Ms. So is the Chair of the Technical Committee of the Global Water Partnership, a global action network with over 3,000 partner organizations in 179 countries. She worked for 30 years at the World Bank Group on a range of development topics, including infrastructure, water, urban development, gender and public-private partnerships.
24 November 2023
24 November 2023, Hiroshima, Japan - On 3 October 2023, UNITAR, in partnership with the University of Geneva, hosted a public forum “Scaling Responsible Entrepreneurship and Solutions to Global Challenges”. The forum was part of UNITAR’s 60th anniversary celebration and featured members of the UNITAR Division for Prosperity Advisory Board.
The event brought together individuals and organizations from all over the world to foster public-private partnerships to accelerate progress towards the SDGs.
16 November 2023
• Mr. Tetsuo Kondo joined the Division for Prosperity Advisory Board in August 2023 and brings extensive expertise in the field of international relations with his background as a Japanese diplomat and experience in the United Nations.
• He currently serves as a visiting professor of development and global health policy at Sophia University, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Nagasaki University, and Kanazawa Institute of Technology.
13 November 2023
16 November 2023 - On the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of UNITAR, the United Nations Secretary-General sends his congratulatory message to UNITAR.
9 November 2023
9 November 2023, Hiroshima, Japan – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Hiroshima Office welcomes Ms. Chisa Mikami as the new head of the office, effective 8 November 2023. Ms. Mikami has extensive experience working in developing countries through her career with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and brings to the Office her knowledge of the countries that the Hiroshima Office works with.
6 November 2023
6 November 2023, Geneva, Switzerland - To mark UNITAR's 60th anniversary, a gala concert entitled “Music from all corners of the world for peace and our planet” will take place on Thursday, 16 November 2023 at 19:30, at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève. This gala concert pays tribute to our commitment to empower individuals and organizations to create positive change for peace and sustainability.

6 November 2023
6 November 2023, Petten, Netherlands - On 27-29 September 2023 UNITAR Division for Prosperity, in collaboration with UNEP and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), as member entities of the World Water Quality Alliance, co-organized the Innovation Workshop in Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment, in which 65 participants from all around the world attended.
6 November 2023
6 November 2023, Hiroshima, Japan – In September 2023, UNITAR Division for Prosperity signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a well-known organization in the IT industry, Kyiv IT Cluster. The organization will support Ukrainian women evacuees in Poland through collaboration in the UNITAR training programme “Bolstering livelihoods: Digital reskilling for Ukrainian women evacuees in Poland”. The programme will train over 500 Ukrainian women in high-demand digital skills so they can enhance their livelihoods. This is the first UNITAR Division for Prosperity programme to support the evacuees of Ukraine.