01 December 2023, Geneva, Switzerland - November marked the last series of UN CC:Learn’s Dialogue Spaces of the Year. The Dialogue Spaces are dedicated platforms for UN CC:Learn partner organizations and countries to discuss, co-create ideas, and share experiences to accelerate efforts on climate change education, training, and public awareness. This month, two Dialogue Spaces were held: Learning for Countries and Learning through Youth.

UNESCO’s Greening Education Partnership was the highlight of the Learning for Countries Dialogue Space. The Greening Education Partnership (GEP) is a global initiative that takes a whole-of-system approach to support countries in tackling the climate crisis by harnessing the critical role of education. UN CC:Learn, having begun to support partner countries over a decade ago through the development and implementation of National Climate Change Learning Strategies, is a partner to GEP. UN CC:Learn aims to leverage synergies with GEP to scale up climate education in countries around the world.

The Learning through Youth Dialogue Space showcased several UN CC:Learn initiatives that are specifically tailored to strengthening the knowledge and skills of youth to take action on climate change. During this Dialogue Space, the results of UN CCLearn’s Youth Survey were presented, in which – 91% of respondents (18- 35 years old) believe they have been affected by climate change. The results of the survey serve as a guiding document to which UN CC:Learn develops its youth programmes, including the Youth Climate Dialogues, TEDx talks, online resources on climate change, radio programmes on climate change, and much more.

With immense interest from UN CC:Learn alumni, a dedicated package of resources will be developed focusing on the soft skills the alumni need to excel in their climate action endeavours. The skills identified have been leadership, project management, inclusivity, communication, and resource mobilization, and they will be part of the “How to Become a Climate Change Champion” e-course This course will be offered in addition to the technical knowledge from the other e-courses on the UN CC:e-learn platform to build skills of alumni interested in becoming agents of change in their respective fields.

Stay tuned to UN CC:Learn for more exciting news about these and other initiatives as we close yet another year of delivering climate knowledge to the people.

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