UNITAR was invited in June 2010 to illustrate the results of UNOSAT Piracy Monitoring at the New York plenary meeting the UN Contact Group on Piracy of the Coast of Somalia.

The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia was created on January 14, 2009 pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1851. This voluntary, ad hoc international forum brings together 45 countries, 7 international organizations, and some industry groups with an interest in combating piracy. The Contact Group meets quarterly at the United Nations. Its four Working Groups meet regularly around the world to develop and implement national counter-piracy policies and programs.

Piracy map In the plenary meeting of June 10, UNITAR representatives explained how UNOSAT has been monitoring the activity of pirates off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf combining open source data and dedicated satellite imagery analysis and interpretation. The analysis has been conducted over a period of years, which brings into light new aspects of pirates’ behavioural patterns. The output of this particular activity of UNOSAT, which belongs to its Human Security functional area, has consisted of periodical updates and maps including statistical analyses as well as evidence based conclusions that in some cases challenge common perceptions concerning the security of waters off Somalia.

The report presented to the Contact Group is based on a series of recent periodical updates and contains some new data and information. To request a free copy of the report, please contact unosat@unitar.org

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