16 October 2019, Geneva, Switzerland - The SDG Innovation Bootcamp, a Geneva Tsinghua Initiative exchange programme run in partnership with the Tsinghua X-lab innovation incubator and the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), is open for registration. Travel dates are 25 November – 1 December. 

It’s a unique opportunity to see how innovation for sustainable development works in China, from both top-down policy and bottom-up entrepreneurship perspectives. 

It takes place at China’s top University, and one of the world’s leading science universities, Tsinghua University in Beijing, which is in the heart of the Zhongguancun high-tech corridor of Beijing.

The SDG Innovation Bootcamp coincides with a major SDG hackathon that Tsinghua is organizing, called SDG Open Hack!, inspired by and in collaboration with Open Geneva, and which bootcamp participants also take part in. 

Thomas Maillart, Manager of the GTI’s SDG Solution Space and President of Open Geneva is coordinating these events. Read more about the events in AGEFI: “Open Geneva à la conquête de la Chine

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