19 August 2019, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR is pleased to announce that the registration is now open for the brand-new online course on “Diplomacy 4.0- Beyond the Digital Frontier.” This course will take place from 14 October to 24 November 2019.

Humankind is indisputably entering a new digital era. The impact of rapid technological and scientific advances on our professional and everyday lives is so great that World Economic Forum’s Professor Klaus Schwab termed this process as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” We are the witnesses of the transcendence through new frontiers.

These new frontiers go beyond traditional understanding of virtually every aspect of human activity. Unlike in the past, diplomacy and international affairs can no longer afford to slowly adapt to those changes as their pace demands almost business-like agility to stay abreast and relevant.

Diplomacy 4.0 is UNITAR’s answer to these new challenges. The concept explores the nexus between diplomacy and areas of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, scientific advancements, digitalisation, internet governance and other significant frontier issues, thus paving the way for the next generation of international affairs professionals

Throughout this course, participants will learn from leading experts, and acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to better use the latest digital tools and implement best practices.

The course participation fee is 800 USD. You can find more information and register on our online catalogue: Diplomacy 4.0 - Beyond the Digital Frontier


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