30 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR is pleased to announce the launch of its Global Breastfeeding Education Initiative (Global BFEI). The Global BFEI seeks to contribute to improving breastfeeding education through training and education to advance toward the achievement of 70% of babies breastfed exclusively by 6 months of age by 2030. To reach this goal, the Global BFEI offers a variety of educational tools that provide impartial information on the benefits of breastfeeding and practical training aimed at increasing women’s practical knowledge, skills, and confidence to breastfeed.

In collaboration with CIFAL Newcastle, the University of Newcastle’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, and the 18-member BFEI Expert Committee, UNITAR is launching a free e-learning course titled “The Magic Drop: Supporting Mothers along the Journey” which has three modules. Module 1 titled “Essentials of Breastfeeding” offers the latest scientific findings concerning the composition of breastmilk and provides recommendations on the nutritional requirements in a mother’s diet as she prepares to breastfeed and emphasizes the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. This module is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Polish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, and Farsi. Module 2 titled “Establishing Breastfeeding” describes the concept of feeding on-demand and details proper latching techniques. This module is available in English, Spanish, and French. Module 3 focuses on the challenges that women may face on their breastfeeding journey and provides input on how to deal with such challenges. This module is available in English, Spanish, and French.


Registration for the free e-learning course opened today! UNITAR welcomes you to enrol in the course and learn more about the importance of breastfeeding. For more information about the Breastfeeding  Education Initiative and registering for the “Magic Drop: Supporting Mothers along the Journey” course, please visit our websites: UNITAR BFEI website and https://www.breastfeedingeducationinitiative.org/.

Register here: https://bit.ly/UNITAR_TheMagicDrop


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