“The Executive Diploma is an incredible melting pot of notable speakers, experienced diplomats and other enthusiasts looking to learn and contribute to enlightening discussions on global diplomatic leadership” Mary Dinah, Chief Executive Officer, M.A.D Hospitality (Participant, 4th Edition)


After four remarkable editions, UNITAR is delighted to announce that applications for the 5th Edition of its Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice is now open.

UNITAR’s Executive Diploma stands out as a programme tailored to prepare diplomats and other actors, including the private sector, to excel in creating effective solutions at the international level and scaling the challenges and new realities of the 21st century.

Throughout its previous editions, the Executive Diploma has recorded great success in attracting candidates from diverse spheres ranging from diplomats based in Geneva and other locations worldwide, as well as practitioners in the international arena such as business persons, academics, entrepreneurs, trade officers, humanitarian workers and other professionals.

The 5th Edition will run from September 2019 to August 2020. In this period, 10 workshops will be held in Geneva every month on topics ranging from Advanced Multilateral Negotiation, Conference Diplomacy, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette, Leadership and Public speaking, to topics innovated for the contemporary multilateral context, such as engaging and coordinating relevant stakeholders, crisis communication, Internet Governance and Cybersecurity in digital diplomacy, as well as other workshops geared towards enabling participants resolve real-world problems with the best practices.

Not only will participants receive training from top-notch experts in the field, the workshops will also include practical opportunities for participants to test their skills and learn from other colleagues through the use of simulations and exercises. After the 10th workshop, participants will be required to submit a final research paper to in order to obtain the Executive Diploma.

Given UNITAR’s over 50 years of experience in providing innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions, the 5th Edition of Executive Diploma is a precious opportunity for diplomats and professionals to increase their global network and career opportunities while learning with practitioners from different cultures and worldviews. For more information and to enroll, please visit the Programme page.

Email address: diplomacy@unitar.org

Phone: +41 22 917 8810

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