4 July 2019, Geneva, Switzerland - On the 10th and 11th of June 2019, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research successfully hosted a Workshop on Digital Diplomacy, which marked the last workshop in its series of Core Diplomatic Trainings for the 4th Edition of the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice. 19 participants were in attendance including diplomats, international development specialists, entrepreneurs and professionals from the private sector.

It was facilitated by Mr. Shaun Riordan, an expert consultant and Chair for Diplomacy and Cyberspace of the European Institute for European Studies. He effectively engaged participants on how to use digital media to understand and transform their online presence to achieve their goals, including understanding topical concepts such as big data, internet governance, cybersecurity, and finding relevant and accurate information on the internet. Participants also engaged in activities designed to hone their cyber diplomacy skills.

By the end of the workshop, through discussions and practical exercises, 94% of participants reported that they understood how digital diplomacy tools could be applied to enhance the function of diplomats and other professionals and all present said they had learnt about the opportunities and challenges offered by digital diplomacy tools. 94% said that the content was relevant to their job and 100% that it was likely they would use it.

The workshops for the 4th edition of the Executive Diploma have equipped participants with essential diplomatic and transferable skills in the field of diplomacy, including in multilateral negotiations, diplomatic protocol, stakeholder engagement and leadership skills among others. They have also increased their global network and widened their worldview by meeting practitioners from various parts of the world and learning from them. UNITAR forward to hosting similar workshops in the next edition of the Executive Diploma in its effort to continuously innovate UNITAR’s formative offer. Applications are now open for the 5th Edition of the Executive Diploma. Visit the 5th Edition of the Executive Diploma event page to learn more and apply.

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