6 November 2023, Geneva, Switzerland - To mark UNITAR's 60th anniversary, a gala concert entitled “Music from all corners of the world for peace and our planet” will take place on Thursday, 16 November 2023 at 19:30, at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève. This gala concert pays tribute to our commitment to empower individuals and organizations to create positive change for peace and sustainability.

The concert will feature international musicians from India, the Andes, and the Maghreb regions, reflecting our global engagements. Notable artists set to perform include Jil Gnawa, a group of Algerian-Moroccan origin with a mastery of Gnawa music, seamlessly blending secular African songs with sacred mystical chants,Indian flautist, Maestro Shashank Subramanyam, and his ensemble, who will present his original composition "Pallavi in Raga Begag" in the traditional Indian classical genre. Followed by Grupo Siembra from Ecuador, a culturally rich ensemble of Andean dancers and singers celebrated for their vibrant and heartwarming performances.

Following the concert, a commemorative cocktail reception will be hosted at the Conservatoire. Adding to the special ambiance of this evening, the iconic Jet d'eau of Geneva will be illuminated in the shade of UNITAR blue, symbolizing a remarkable conclusion to our 60th anniversary celebrations.

Programme of the Evening

19:30 - Welcome remarks

Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director of UNITAR

Amb. Luis Gallegos, Chair, UNITAR Board of Trustees

19:45 - Musical performances

  • Jil Gnawa
  • Maestro Shashank Subramanyam
  • Grupo Siembra & Danzadina

20:45 - Cocktail Reception

Meet the Performers

Jil Gnawa - Algeria & Morocco • North Africa

This group has devoted more than two decades to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Gnawa music in Europe. Their musical odyssey proudly encapsulates the very spirit of traditional Maghrebian Gnawa music, a true gem originating from the synthesis of sub-Saharan and North African influences. With a dedication to upholding this profound musical tradition, they serve as a cultural bridge, harmonizing diverse influences and conjuring the mystical essence of this age-old art form with timeless melodies and rhythms.

Maestro Shashank Subramanyam - India  •  South Asia

This renowned flautist from India has enthralled audiences in over 50 countries for nearly four decades. His lifelong devotion to the classical Indian genre has garnered him prestigious honors, such as the French Chevalier, the Sangeet Natak Akademi award, and Kalaimamani. Shashank’s performances offer a spiritual journey, immersing the listener in a realm of profound emotion and tranquility.

Grupo Siembra & Danzandina - Ecuador  •  South America

Together, these two groups form a culturally rich ensemble of Andean musicians and dancers that bring the vibrant and diverse tapestry of Latin American traditions to life through captivating rhythms and the body language of dance. Dedicated to share the rich heritage of Ecuador through their performances, they bridge traditional practices and national folklore, fostering a profound connection to their homeland within their audience.

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