27-28 February – 4-5 March 2019, Beirut, Lebanon - UNITAR hosted the first series of workshops of the year on disarmament affairs and public-speaking for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of the Lebanese Republic. The events took place as part of the numerous training workshops UNITAR will be delivering across 2019 for the Lebanese government. Other workshops will include topics such as negotiation skills and techniques for effective diplomacy and hosting multilateral conferences.

During the workshop on disarmament affairs, expert, Mr. Bantan Nugroho explored the core international treaties and conventions on disarmament and the essential trends in the Middle East. The young cohort then engaged in simulation exercises during which they had to debate different views on disarmament topics, allowing them to practice their public-speaking skills. Mr. Nugroho also invited Her Excellency Ms. Caroline Ziadé on the second day to share her knowledge and experience in taking part in the negotiations of treaties.

The workshop on public speaking, which took place on the 4th and 5th of March, focused on strengthening the diplomats’ communication skills and understanding of different actors they will engage with. The expert, Mr. Jérôme L’Host, trained them on building their confidence to ensure the delivery of effective speeches in public settings.

UNITAR would like to thank Her Excellency Ms. Caroline Ziadé who coordinated the activities and looks forward to the upcoming series of workshops taking place throughout the year. UNITAR would also like to wish all the best to the new cohort representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of the Lebanese Republic.

For more information, please contact Ms. Melanie Cremona at melanie.cremona@unitar.org.


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