26 October 2022, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR, Franklin University Switzerland (FUS), and Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) Switzerland sign a Memorandum of Understanding to launch the first SDG Management School (SDGMS) in Geneva. 

The SDGMS is the first Business School in the world to put the UN mission for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into practice at the forefront of education. The SDGMS will foster global leadership, by providing innovative and creative education to students, based on the cooperative partnership between the Parties, operating in Europe and Asia. 

The SDGMS will launch its first education programmes in September 2023, at MBA and Doctorate levels, primarily with students from Korea and China, and expanding in Europe and beyond. Undergraduate and graduate programmes, as well as non-degree programmes, will be gradually added to the School's educational offer. The recruitment procedure for the September 2023 enrolment will start in December 2022. 

UNITAR will provide its unique expertise of capacity-building around the SDGs, to offer the SDGMS students rich experiential learning during their studies, as well as opportunities for connection to the UN Geneva and organizations' ecosystem. 

This partnership builds on long-standing successful collaboration between the Parties, as UNITAR and FUS offer a joint Master's in International Management with a focus on Climate Action since 2019. FUS and IPS Switzerland have also signed an Agreement for the establishment of SDGMS in 2019, and UNITAR hosts the IPS-FUS National Competitiveness Conference every year at the UNITAR premises since 2021. 

The SDGMS was launched through a hybrid opening ceremony at the UNITAR premises, with 100 online participants attending globally. The ceremony was hosted by the Chief at the Office of the Executive Director, Jonas Haertle. The MoU signing ceremony was followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, while an official establishment ceremony will take place later this year in South Korea. 



The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) is a government-approved research institute established under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy (MOCIE) in 1993. IPS carries out empirical studies on worldwide industrial policies, advisory work on government organizations and consulting activities for corporate strategic planning. It also provides a range of education programs for government officials and business executives.

IPS regularly hosts seminars as well as symposiums that serve as venues for the presentation and sharing of results from major studies in order to advance the economy and management-related mindset of top managers, and operates the database of research findings for related parties to share knowledge and information. https://www.ips.or.kr/eng_ips.html.

IPS moved its research activities to Geneva, Switzerland in 2020 to globalize the national competitiveness research, in cooperation with UNITAR and Taylor Institute of Franklin University Switzerland.


Founded in 1969, FUS was among the first institutions to bring American Liberal Arts education to Europe. Today, after 50 years of succesful growth, it is the only university in the world that offers interdisciplinary, experiential and personalized learning through interactions both inside and outside of the classroom. (https://www.fus.edu/)


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a principal training arm of the United Nations, working in every region of the world. We empower individuals, governments and organizations through knowledge and learning to effectively overcome contemporary global challenges. UNITAR was established in 1965 as an autonomous body within the United Nations with the mandate of enhancing the effectiveness of the work of the United Nations and its Member States. In 2020, UNITAR’s reach extended to more than 300,000 beneficiaries through mostly e-learning and webinars, face-to-face seminars and workshops, or other training-related events. (www.unitar.org)

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