22 September 2021, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR is pleased to announce a new partnership with Babson College to launch the new Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership. UNITAR and Babson aspire to equip future entrepreneurial leaders with the tools needed in an ever-expanding international business world. A global leader in entrepreneurship education, Babson College is based in Massachusetts, United States. Babson prepares and empowers entrepreneurial leaders who create, grow, and steward sustainable economic and social value everywhere. Across all phases of the learning continuum, Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who are nimble, opportunity-driven, innovative, and growth-oriented. They are collaborative problem solvers who simultaneously create economic and social value to help evolve our global community.

Together, Babson and UNITAR designed a series of courses created exclusively for shaping an effective entrepreneurial leader. The programme addresses working professionals with career experience, government officials, civil servants, private sector entities, or simply individuals who are motivated to learn and grow outside of traditional graduate degree programmes. Participants will develop a critical understanding of contemporary professional challenges and opportunities within a global context to be ready to demonstrate a well-rounded set of professional leadership and personal leadership skills at any career level. Some of these include how to gain essential entrepreneurial leadership essentials, how to negotiate successfully, and how to engage with stakeholders.

As a six-course programme, all sessions are designed based on a "learn-by-doing" approach incorporating many case studies and role plays along with the many real-life examples provided by both the instructors and the fellow participants. The programme is embedded in an international environment, with participants coming together as a truly international cohort. Participants are supported in familiarizing themselves with the international world but also in establishing a global and diverse network that will prove beneficial in future entrepreneurial endeavours. Ultimately, the certificate helps promote global thinking by providing meaningful and practical examples from a global perspective.

The programme will run from February 2022 to January 2023. We are happy to announce that registration will open in mid-October 2021. More information on the registration process, as well as the content and unfolding of the programme, will be made available to interested candidates in the coming weeks. UNITAR is looking forward to a successful partnership.

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