Thte Primacy of conflict Preventionand Political Solutions

May 2016 - Following the report of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations, the Secretary-General outlined his priorities on implementing the Peace Operations Review with his Special and Personal Representatives and Envoys.

Calling for a renewed focus on conflict prevention and mediation, he stressed that more priority and funding was needed for conflict prevention and for achieving political solutions  to help meet this core obligation of the Organization. The crucial importance of the promotion and protection of human rights, and of strengthening partnerships with regional and sub-regional organizations to achieve these ends was also highlighted. The Deputy Secretary-General stressed that the prevention of violent conflict and the pacific settlement of disputes are key chapters of the United Nations Charter.

The knowledge and experience-sharing seminar was part of the Project for Briefing and Debriefing Special and Personal Representatives and Envoys of the Secretary-General to facilitate the sharing of lessons and to enhance practice. The African Union Peace and Security Commissioner also contributed to the exchange.

The Institute is grateful to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland for providing the support that made this important interchange possible.

Photo: Knowledge and experience-sharing to enhance practice in peace missions

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