21 September 2020, Geneva, Switzerland - The UN CC:Learn Knowledge Sharing Platform has been completely revamped. The newly launched website broadens its focus to reach a large and varied audience interested in climate change learning, cementing UN CC:Learn commitment to creating the best user experience for all.

The platform continues to provide a single access to UN resources relevant for climate change learning, including the UN CC:Learn library of publications, a list of knowledge portals and a calendar of events. The new Knowledge Sharing Platform is also the main place to get first-hand updates on UN CC:Learn work in the field. Both Country and Global Projects have dedicated sections on it. By simply scrolling down, readers can get a chronological glimpse of has been done so far at the global, national and regional levels.

While still presenting UN CC:Learn activities and achievements, the content is being extended. Some of the new features that users can experience on the new website are a full course catalogue with information about and access to all the courses made available through UN CC:Lean, as well as a stories section made of tales from the alumni.

The overall layout have been overhauled, with videos and images seamlessly filling up each page. From a technical perspective, many changes had to be made to align with the latest practices in terms of user experience and web development. The platform was also adjusted to enhance accessibility for individuals with impairments and is fully mobile-friendly.

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