UNITAR is launching a new e-Learning course on Mediation Skills which is customized to practitioners’ special needs and due to start on 15 November 2010. This new course of the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme aspires to enable the participants to develop mediation skills which can be utilized in international diplomacy.

This e-Learning course aims to improve the practical skills of diplomats in international mediation and in understanding the role of the UN in resolving conflicts. Upon conclusion of this course, the participants should be able to recognize the different mediation phases and to manage a mediation process. The interactive discussion boards with our moderator will allow the participants to contribute and to discuss the different topics of the course, therefore expanding their understanding on the subject.

UNITAR’s e-learning course on Mediation Skills is constructed in four modules expanding over the period of four weeks. It provides comprehensive training for participants, in order to acquaint them with the different techniques which can be employed in a mediation process within an international framework. Afterwards the participants should be able to understand the cultural, political and diplomatic dimensions of mediation and be effective mediators in a multicultural environment.

Registration is open until the 5th of November, 2010.

For more information on the course and how to register please visit the following Mediation Skills | United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Should you wish to be sent any further information regarding this course, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Lura Pollozhani at lura.pollozhani@unitar.org

For a visual perspective and insight into a mediation process, please watch a video by clicking here (Source: UN multimedia)

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