E-Learning for a Green Recovery

24 September 2020, Geneva, Switzerland - Over the next 18 months, it is estimated that economic investment into national recovery packages will reach up to US$ 20 trillion. The make-up of these financial decisions will define the shape of our societies, our economies, and our environment for decades to come. We now sit at a “make or break moment” for both humanity and our planet, and the need for informed decision-making to support a green recovery is, therefore, greater than ever.

This is where the “Learning for a Green Recovery” campaign has been developed. Under the auspices of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy, five UN agencies— UN Institute of Training and ResearchUN Environment ProgrammeInternational Labour Organization , UN Development Programme and UN Industrial Development Organization—have launched a global e-learning series that addresses the key policy issues central to the green recovery debate. The six online courses are free, self-paced, and can act as an invaluable building block as countries plan their economic responses to COVID-19—serving to inform and shape the public policy debate around green economic reform. The six e-courses available are:

  1. Introduction to Green Economy
  2. Introduction to Sustainable Finance
  3. Green Industrial Policy 
  4. Green Fiscal Policy
  5. Green Economy and Trade
  6. Green Indicators

The six online courses are free and self-paced, allowing you the freedom to take them at your convenience. As a package, they aim to inform and shape the public policy debate around green economic reform and ultimately support countries in planning their responses to COVID-19.

For more information about the Green Recovery E-Course Series.

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