9-10 July, Antwerp, Belgium – With a third of the world’s population migrating from villages to cities in the 21st Century, local leaders must be at the forefront of incorporating diversity into all aspects of city planning.  As part of its work in the area of human mobility, UNITAR is hosting its first Expert Meeting in the City of Antwerp to define the parameters of its novel “Learning Platform on Human Mobility: Capacity Development for Local Leaders”.

A global, face2face training platform for local leaders, UNITAR’s Learning Platform on Human Mobility will broach topics from social cohesion to economic development and entrepreneurship.  In drawing from the expertise of community leaders, academics, civil society representatives, policy makers and international organization experts, it will also borrow from methodologies employed by UNITAR’s Local Development Programme, which has been working with local authorities building sustainable urban growth since 2002. The 9-10 July Expert Meeting will include the Governor of the Province of Antwerp, the Vice Mayor of Antwerp, the Commissioner of Immigration for New York City, a handful of city officials and eminent experts in the field.  

 Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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