CIFAL Quito Organizes a Forum on New Rurality

16 April 2015, Quito, Ecuador – CIFAL Quito, in collaboration with the Decentralized Government of the Province of Pichincha (GADP) and the Consortium of Autonomous Provincial Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE) hosted the forum on New Rurality: a reflection on rural development on 7-8 April 2015 at FLACSO University in the city of Quito.

The event convened 235 authorities, including provincial prefects and mayors, to debate on alternative solutions to the main rural development issues in Ecuador.

During two days, participants had the opportunity to discuss issues related to the topic of new rurality recognizing recent changes and trends and highlighting the importance of studying rurality and the territorial visions from a different perspective.

The event included presentations from Latin American experts. Mr. Juan Romero from Uruguay presented on “Rural and Rurality in Latin America: conceptual categories under discussion”. Mr. Nasser Rebaï from France presented on “Rethinking development from a local perspective”. Ms. Rosa Rodriguez from HEIFER, Ecuador provided an overview of food sovereignty and agro-ecology. Ms. Paulina Cadena from MAGAP, Gustavo Baroja, President of the CONGOPE and Prefect of the Province of Pichincha, and Mr Luciano Martinez from FLACSO gave presentations on 7 Ruralities in Ecuador.

Throughout the workshop participants had the opportunity to take part in 3 working groups on water and land, the work and best practices of international organizations, and women and rurality.

Photo 1: Mr. Gustavo Baroja, President of the CONGOPE and Prefect of the Province of Pichincha, delivering a presentation on New Rurality 

Photo 2: Participants present at the Forum