9 June 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – In partnership with Europe Foundation (Georgia), UNITAR has established its 32nd CIFAL centre in Georgia, which will offer a range of learning opportunities on artificial intelligence, social inclusion, and effective governance to facilitate knowledge-sharing between government officials, leaders, and civil society members from the Caucasus region.

“We will contribute to the CIFAL Global Network by bringing new thematic areas. We want [these themes] to bring not only partners from our regions, but also universities, and practitioners that work on these issues together”.- Mrs Ketevan Vashakidze, President of the Europe Foundation

CIFAL Tbilisi is the first such centre in the Caucasus region and aims to strengthen the abilities of individuals and institutions to effectively engage in the promotion of sustainable development, social inclusion, and active communal engagement, both in Georgia and throughout the Caucasus.

“We are empowering communities, and especially the voices of the voiceless. So that they are there in the policymaking process in shaping the future of their communities and their children”.- Mrs Ketevan Vashakidze, President of the Europe Foundation


In empowering communities, CIFAL Tbilisi will hold training activities and events centred around the areas of social impact in governance, Artificial Intelligence, and sustainable education in communities. These thematic areas are aligned with Europe Foundation’s expertise and advocacy work for the Georgian people, which have been engaging in these fields since the 1990s.

“I am sure that under your leadership [Mrs Ketevan Vashakidze] the work that you’re doing at Europe Foundation will yield very positive results for the wonderful people of Georgia. We hope that not only your citizens will benefit, but that you will also be a source of inspiration for the other CIFAL centres and the other activities done by UNITAR.” - Nikhil Seth, Executive Director, UNITAR.

The Centre will also hold national, regional, and international events relevant to authorities and private sector leaders to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the local level. The partnership was inked today at UNITAR’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, between Mr Nikhil Seth, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNITAR, and Mrs Ketevan Vashakidze, President of the Europe Foundation. The signing ceremony was witnessed by H.E. Amb. Alexander Maisuradze, Georgia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, and Ms Nino Baqradze, First Secretary of Georgia's Permanent Mission to the UN, as well as Ms Estrella Merlos, Deputy Head of the CIFAL Global Network.

“I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to UNITAR and Europe Foundation on this landmark event. I believe the creation of the CIFAL centre in Georgia will represent an important opportunity for the facilitation of knowledge that will build, and contribute to, the capacity-building opportunities of our country. We wish you both a successful implementation of the CIFAL Centre in Tbilisi”. - H.E. Amb: Alexander Maisurdaze


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