This November 5th, 2010 CIFAL Findhorn will host the 2010 Highlands International Biodiversity and Climate Change conference, part of the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity in Inverness, Scotland. It is the forum to find the latest information about how climate change is affecting the unique habitats and resources of the Highlands and Islands, and learn about innovative solutions to enhance biodiversity under the pressure of climate change.

From policymakers to crofters, foresters to tourist operators, fishermen to farmers, land managers to the news media; all have a vital interest in the profound implications of climate change on Scotland’s biodiversity, the world they live in, and from.  This conference is also an unparalleled opportunity to meet experts in both land and marine ecology and network with people from all walks of Highland life, passionate about maintaining Scotland’s unique biodiversity.

Worldwide though, there is an urgent need to understand and address the likely impacts of climate change on biodiversity. The one-day conference will provide a platform for dialogue between government, agencies, academic institutions and voluntary bodies on linkages between climate change and threats to biodiversity, with a view to designing innovative solutions to reduce the risks, and to both communicate and celebrate the biodiversity of the Highlands and Islands and Scotland. Participants will be encouraged to take immediate steps needed to halt the loss of biodiversity. The conference will also promote innovative solutions to reduce the threats to biodiversity and start a dialogue between stakeholders for the steps to be taken in the post-2010 period.

The event will be broadcasted live throughout the United Kingdom and will available via webcast afterwards on CIFAL Findhorn’s website

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Watch the proceedings of Biodiversity and Climate Change Conference live via webcast click here 5 November 2010  9:30pm to 3:30pm GMT

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