Curitiba,  Brazil, 9 July 2020 - New technologies have had unprecedented impacts on industries and on the performance of professionals. The so-called fourth industrial revolution provided the citizens of the 21st century with a set of technologies with unprecedented historical impacts, materialized in the wide digitalization and technological convergence of the most diverse aspects.

In organizations, this has led to “industry 4.0. -the integration of data, artificial intelligence, machinery and communication to create an efficient industrial ecosystem that is not just automated but intelligent”. More and more, industries are changing from mass production to customized production and increasingly giving space to ‘’smart factories’’, using the internet and the cloud to connect and integrate the real and virtual worlds, allowing the whole production process to be monitored. 

Industry 4.0 gives an important role to human workers in the production environment, while promoting the connection of physical items, both to each other and to the Internet. In this context, the SESI Longevity and Productivity Innovation Center, with the technical cooperation of the Sistema FIEP Observatory and communication support from the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Curitiba (CIFAL Curitiba), developed and deployed an unprecedented survey “Skills 4.0: Skills for Industry” with the objective of systematizing the skills needed under the nine technological pillars of industry 4.0:

  1. Big data and data analytics
  2. Simulation
  3. Horizontal and vertical integration
  4. The industrial internet of things
  5. Cyber security and cyber physical systems
  6. The cloud
  7. Additive manufacturing
  8. Augmented reality
  9. Autonomous robots

The results of the survey launched on 9 July 2020 aim to provide industries with a guide on how to incorporate these skills into companies, while facilitating  the sharing of information with those responsible and motivated to leveraging human potential in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

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