MAY 2019

Economics of the Public Sector

Fundamentals of Money Creation

Cross Cultural Negotiation

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Capital Market Development & Regulation - Advanced Course

APRIL 2019

Fundamentals of the Derivative Markets

International Players in Public Finance and Debt Management

Combating Corruption in Extractive Industries

Audit of Public Debt

Ethics in Public Finance

Understanding International Contracts and Loan Agreements

International Negotiations: Practical Skills and Techniques

Introduction to Privacy and Data Protection Law

Fundamentals of Microfinance

Global Public Goods: Concepts, Measurement, Policies and Financing

Fundamentals of Central Banking and Monetary Policy

Financial Globalization

Principles of Central Bank Reserve Management

Fundamentals of the Money Market

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Foundation Course

MARCH 2019

Public Funds and their Auditing

Basic Course on Public Debt Management

Drafting and Negotiating Clauses of Loan Agreements

Negotiation of Financial Transactions

Governance of Public Finance

Advanced Risk Management

Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering: International Standards and Compliance Issues

UNESCAP/UNITAR: Trade Finance Infrastructure Development

Managing Public Finance: Internal and External Controls

Global Financial Governance

Advanced Public Procurement

Fundamentals of Capital Market Development and Regulation

Fundamentals of the Equity Market

Sustainable Development: Idea, Process and Goal

Fundamentals of Corporate Governance


Enhancing Good Governance in International Development

Negotiating for Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Introduction to Public Procurement

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Introductory Course

Introduction to International Intellectual Property Law

Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Tips and Techniques

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