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  • Registration for the third round of the “Biennial Global Interlaboratory Assessment of POPs Laboratories” is now closed. It has been very successful with a record number of laboratories having registered.


GMP2 Asia Inception and New POPs Workshop

25 - 27 January 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam

Final results workshop on the UNEP/GEF project ´Tools and methods to include the nine new POPs into the Global Monitoring Plan (GMP) for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)´ and Inception Workshop for UNEP/GEF project ´Implementation of the POPs Monitoring Plan in the Asian Region under the Stockholm Convention´. 

The UNEP/GEF workshops were held back-to-back with the project Environmental Monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants in East Asian Countries (POPSEA).

Workshop Documents

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.1 Concept note


GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.3 List of documents

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.4 List of participants

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.5 GEF project on the Tools and Methods to Include the Nine New POPs – Project document 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.6.a GEF GMP2 ASIA - Project document 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.6.b GEF GMP2 ASIA – Project document appendices 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.7 General Procedure for Analysis of PCB and OCP 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.8 General Procedure for Analysis of PBDE 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.9 General Procedure for Analysis of PFOS Link to the PFAS movie 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.10 Guidance document on PFAS in water 

 dowload the video here Link to the movie for the cleaning of PUF disk

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.11 Second regional monitoring report of the Asian-Pacific region 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.12 Biennial global interlaboratory assessment of POPs laboratories, second round 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.13 Report of Terminal Evaluation of GEF GMP1 projects 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.14 Initial Survey on Laboratory Capacity and Training Needs 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.15 Brochure on the GEF GMP2 projects 

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/WD.16 Guidance on the global monitoring plan for persistent organic pollutants 



GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.1 Overall presentation of the UNEP/GEF projects on analysis and monitoring of  POPs

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.2 Standard operating procedures for the new POPs

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.3 Development of the guidance document on PFAS in water

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.4 Outcomes of the comparability study between human milk and human blood for PFAS

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.5 Results of the pilot field study on air (PAS/PUF) and water

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.6.a (a) Results and lessons learned from the second round of the Biennial global interlaboratory assessment of POPs laboratories

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.6.b (b) Highlights and outcomes of the UNEP/GEF GMP1 projects

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.7 The role of the BRS Secretariat in the project

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.8 The role of UNITAR in the project

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.9 The role of the expert laboratories in the project

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.10 The role of the countries in the project

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PRE.11 Air Sampling: Guidelines and experience from the GEF GMP1 projects


Post-workshops Documents

GEF/GMP2/ASIA/IWS/PWD.1 GMP2 Asia Inception Workshop Report

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