Nanosafety Regional Workshop for the Asia-Pacific Region, Thailand, 10 to 11 September 2015

Working under the Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC), UNITAR has implemented, since 2009, a range of activities to support developing countries in raising awareness on nanosafety issues and consider the implications of nano-based and nano-containing products traded across borders. Core funding for these activities has been generously provided by the Government of Switzerland.

Date and Location:

Bangkok, Thailand, 10-11 September 2015


Workshop Meeting Report


List of Participants

Special Programme Newsletter 

GEF6 strategy CWM


  • Nanostandardization and Nanosafety by Prof. Ali. Download.
  • Swiss Nano Regulation by Georg Karlaganis. Download.
  • UNITAR Regional workshops by Georg Karlaganis. Download.
  • UNECE Nano presentation by Georg Karlaganis. Download.
  • SAICM Nano presentation by Georg Karlaganis.Download.
  • AK Masrom Presentation Bangkok Safety 2015. Download.
  • Chowdhuri Presentation India UNITAR - Nanotec. Download.
  • Dr.-Annop-presentation Nano. Download.
  • GhaziKhansari Bangkok presentation. Download.
  • GPA SAICM Annex 4 Presentation. Download.
  • ICCM4 adopted resolution on Nano. Download.
  • NanoSafety presentation by Prof. Ichihara. Download.
  • IPEN Nanosafety AP UNITAR. Download.
  • IPEN Pacific SIDS Presentation - Asia-Pacific Regnl Nano Meeting. Download.
  • Japan Nanotech Presentation. Download. 
  • Lelita 4Life Indonesia Presentation. Download.
  • Malaysia NASA nanotech Presentation. Download.
  • Mila Tejamaya Presentation. Download.
  • Nalin De Silva SLINTEC Presentation. Download.
  • Nanosafety and risk assessment Rawiwan. Download.
  • Nanotec nanosafety in Thailand. Download.
  • NGUYEN Hoang Anh (Vietnam). Download.
  • OECD Council recommendation on nanomaterials. Download.
  • SAICM ICCM4 document - EPIs including nano. Download.
  • Thailand Nanotechnology Roadmap (11 September 2015). Download.
  • WHO NANO HEALTH by V Murashov. Download.

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