UNITAR Chemicals and Waste Management Programme in partnership with OECD, and funded by the Government of Switzerland, organised a series of regional workshops in 2015. These workshops were aimed towards professionals working nationally or at the regional level in the nano field or broader chemicals management. Perspectives and experiences from countries, regional experts, international organizations, industry, and non-governmental organizations were included.

Date and Location:

Lusaka, Zambia, 16 & 17 April 2015


Workshop Meeting Report


List of Participants

Elements for a draft resolution on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials for consideration by ICCM4


  • Nanotechnology State of the Art and Perspective by Pr. Adnane Abdelghani. Download
  • An Overview of the BRS Conventions by Abiola Olenipekun. Download
  • The effect of photo-oxidation on thermal and fire retardancy of polypropylene nanocomposites by Dr Magatte Diagne. Download
  • Promotion of Nanotechnologie as a Tool of change in Niger by Dr Hamidine Mahamadou. Download
  • Introduction to the IOMC Toolbox for Decision-Making in Chemicals Management. Download
  • Présentation de la Boîte à Outiles du IOMC pour la Prise de Décisions sur la Gestion de produits Chimiques. Download
  • IPEN NGO Nanosafety Presentation. Download
  • Preparation, characterization and application of NaHCO3 leached bulk U(VI) imprinted polymers endowed with γ-MPS coated magnetite in contaminated water bu Luke Chimuka. Download
  • Nanomaterials classification and labelling – status of work undertaken in GHS by Alibech Mireles Diaz. Download
  • Nanotechnology Governance:Essential Building Blocks by Ndeke Musee. Download
  • Department of Chemistry University of Nairobi by Njagi Njomo. Download
  • Safety Testing and Risk Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials - OECD. Download
  • OECD Work on Chemicals and Manufactured Nanomaterials. Download
  • Overview of UNITAR’s Nanotechnology and Manufactured Nanomaterials Programme and Progress to date. Download
  • Nanotechnology Related Work Performed At The Copperbelt University Kitwe - Zambia by Phenny Mwaanga. Download
  • Presentation by Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). Download
  • Swiss Action Plan - Synthetic Nanomaterials. Download
  • Nanotechnology: Risk Assessment & Safety Compliance in Thailand by Sirasak Teparkum, Ph.D. Download
  • Guidance for Developing a National Nanotechnology Policy and Programme by Georg Karlaganis. Download
  • Occupational, consumer and environmental exposure to nanomaterials by Vladimir Murashov. Download




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