UNITAR’s Road Safety Global Training Initiative combines its experience in training and research to create adapted road safety programmes wherever it’s needed most. Explore our reports to better understand the Initiative's scope and how, through different activities and components (capacity building, public awareness and partnerships), it fosters road safety around the globe.

Autosobriety Training Programme to Prevent Drink-Driving


This training programme aims to contribute to reducing and preventing alcohol-related traffic fatalities and injuries, and ultimately advance UN Global Road Safety Performance Target 9 with educational tools that have the following specific objectives: 

  1. Understand statistics and the impact of drinking and driving on people's lives.
  2. Identify drinking and driving as a key risk factor causing road traffic crashes amongst communities and stakeholders.
  3. Know more about legal frameworks around drinking and driving.
  4. Identify the different ways to prevent drinking and driving.
  5. Identify the effects of alcohol on driving performance by using virtual reality glasses.

For more information about Autosobriety, please visit its dedicated page by clicking here.

Partnership to Advance Child Road Safety


This Partnership aims at:

  1. Contributing to knowledge exchange and sharing of solutions that improve child road safety.
  2. Promoting the implementation of risk prevention programs amongst the most vulnerable users (Children).
  3. Developing tools and educational resources that contribute to increase knowledge on measures that improve child road safety.

Partnership for Action on Road Safety


This Partnership aims at contributing to advance road safety targets by:

  1. Increasing public awareness of road safety risk factors.
  2. Building capacity of government authorities to implement holistic, evidence-based approaches that improve road safety.
  3. Promoting the development of public-private partnerships to accelerate progress.

High Visibility Enforcement Training Programme


This Training Programme aims to contribute to achieve the Global Road Safety Performance Target 9 by:

  1. Building capacity of government authorities to design programmes and interventions to deter drink-driving;
  2. Providing best practices of the use of the High Visibility Enforcement approach to change road user behaviours related to drink-driving;
  3. Identifying and integrating key stakeholders to improve road safety.

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