Project Background

UNITAR/Jiadan Yu

In order to better support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Youth 2030: The UN Youth Strategy, UNITAR is pleased to launch the United Nations Youth Leadership Development Programme, which aims to promote knowledge on climate change, economic and social development, science, and technology, while encouraging youth to pay attention to global issues such as environment, public health, climate change and refugees. The programme equally aims to enhance the leadership, communication, collaboration, decision-making and creativity capacities of global youth.

Project Brief

The United Nations Youth Leadership Development Programme is an educational programme dedicated to cultivating young leaders with universally valuable competences. It contains several subprogrammes. The first subprogramme is titled Satellites and Diplomacy”, which entails areas such as space security, natural disaster, food security, climate change and more; and the second subprogramme, “Sustainable Environment Education”, will be launched in Q1 - Q2 2022, and will include ocean protection, clean energy, and sustainable environment.

The programme develops a series of interdisciplinary and frontier learning subprogrammes with scientific knowledge at their core and aims to:

  • Integrate sociology and development studies by taking global issues at the starting point;
  • Focus on organising professional trainings and international exchange camps to help young people understand international organizations and global governance from first-hand experience;
  • Explore ways of international cutting-edge scientific development, tap into participants’ creativity and innovative potential;
  • Improve participants’ awareness of global citizenship and social responsibility and empower them to become future global leaders;
  • Allow global youth to participate in addressing global issues and help them become a guiding force in accelerating the realization of the UN SDGs.

Curriculum Design

Each subprogramme consists of video lectures, webinars, workshops and an virtual guided tour. The total training duration for each subprogramme is 9 hours, giving a total training duration of 18 hours.


UNITAR/Jiadan Yu

Webinars and videos:

  • United Nations
  • Innovation and New technologies for a safer and better world
  • Meteorites and Satellites 
  • Satellites and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Satellites and Climate Change
  • SDGs and Outer Space
  • Remote Sensing
  • Satellites and Space Security
  • Satellites and Emergency Response
  • Satellites and Natural Disaster
  • Satellites and Food Security in Africa
  • Virtual Guided Tour at Palais des Nations


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Speaking Skills

Students who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate issued by UNITAR.

For more information, please contact Ms. Jiadan Yu at 

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