Artificial Intelligence is impacting, now more than ever, our society and lives - on a personal and professional level. While initial work in the field of AI dates back to the 1950s, 2023 marked the AI revolution, with the technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, calling on governments, international organizations, regulatory bodies, the private sector, and all decision-makers to recognize this powerful and disruptive technology and adapt accordingly. Substantial technical, legal, and ethical implications are affecting virtually every sector, with no framework to guide and regulate decision-making processes. In this environment, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, it is imperative to stay informed on the latest developments in AI, and understand which are most relevant to the international diplomatic community.

As such, UNITAR has developed a series of resources and training opportunities to help you navigate the evolving world of AI in the context of International Affairs:

 Certificate on Artificial Intelligence and Professional Skills

  • 7 Oct 2024 - 18 Oct 2024 
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  • Application Deadline: 04 October 2024
  • Ideal for Permanent Missions, MoFAs, Professionals in the UN and International Organizations, the Private and Public Sectors, and Diplomatic Academies
  • The Certificate on Artificial Intelligence and Professional Skills aims to bridge this gap by equipping participants with essential knowledge and practical skills to harness AI's power. This course is designed to provide a robust foundation in AI, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to navigate and shape the future workplace. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical applications, the programme offers a comprehensive understanding of AI's role in modern business and society.

Master in Digital International Relations & Diplomacy

  • The Master of Arts in Digital International Relations and Diplomacy, offered in partnership with EU Business School in Geneva, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between technology - including AI - diplomacy, and international affairs. The curriculum reflects the demands of rapidly changing global dynamics, incorporating insights into digital diplomacy, cyber security, data governance, and the influence of emerging technologies on international relations. The Master in Digital International Relations & Diplomacy focuses on the integration of emerging technologies with International Relations and Diplomacy, shaping leaders of the future for successful careers in international organizations, foreign services, policy-making, international business, and beyond, by equipping them with the analytical, strategic, and operational skills necessary to excel in the changing global political arena. 
  • Programme Start Date: 7 October 2024
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Past Trainings on AI and Diplomacy

© UN Photo/ Virginia Fernández de la Cal

Designed for Geneva-based Permanent Missions, UN Personnel and Diplomatic Academies, UNITAR recently hosted two trainings on AI and Diplomacy:

May 2024

  • Delivered by Dr Corneliu Bjola, Head of the Oxford University Digital Diplomacy Research Group; Artificial Intelligence and Diplomacy Expert
  • Delved into the sphere of AI and Diplomacy, analyzing the impacts, implications, and frameworks in place to navigate the opportunities and intricacies that AI is bringing to the diplomatic world

March 2024

  • Introduced Generative AI and how it is impacting diplomatic work
  • Focused on critical technical knowledge and skills, and the wider ethical and security considerations facing diplomats and international civil servants.

Customised Trainings in AI

Customised trainings are available, on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a variety of thematic areas, including, but not limited to: 

  • AI and Diplomacy
  • AI and the Future of Work
  • AI and Cybersecurity
  • AI and Ethics
  • AI and International Law

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