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14 November 2022
"UNITAR’s programme, on the other hand, welcomes professionals that do not necessarily have a traditional career in diplomacy but want to develop their knowledge and gain skills. Doctors, journalists, activities, artists, educators like myself, students, mid-career professionals… all have a chance to learn and contribute to the world of diplomacy."
20 October 2021
“We discovered that the SDGs are completely interrelated. If you are working to improve access to water, you are going to improve access to health. Consequently, you will improve access to education. Consequently, you will improve access to employment.”
7 December 2020
In fact, sharing ideas with people with different professional backgrounds, beliefs, and from over ten different places of origin was one of Udeaku’s main learnings and had impacted her professional and personal life.
18 December 2019
It’s like a first-hand experience. Some of the diplomats really played important roles in negotiating UN conflict resolutions and the SDGs. They shared their own stories of both their personal and professional lives.
23 November 2018
If diplomats are equipped with the tools of mediation, they will be able to engage more effectively in this global environment and all the challenges that it brings.
23 November 2017
“The trainings had a very powerful effect on me. They have given me an increased sense of confidence."