The UNITAR Division for Multilateral Diplomacy is thrilled to present its newest master’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy in cooperation with the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) in Beirut. This year-long program set to start in October 2020, intends to deepen students’ understanding of international affairs and effectively prepare them for an exciting career in diplomacy.

Classes taught by experts in fields ranging from Geopolitics to Negotiation and even Business Law will take place over 6 months in ESA’s beautiful campus in downtown Beirut. After following a rigorous first semester of theoretical lessons and practical approaches, UNITAR is offers students opportunities for practical experience in a multitude of UN organizations such as the International Labour Organization, World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNDP and many more in Geneva, New York and worldwide. This immersion in United Nations organizations will provide students with hands-on experience and a competitive edge for launching their career in diplomacy.

Check out our website and ESA’s detailed program page to find more information on this exciting opportunity!

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