Jan 2024
Kick-off meeting "Enhancing Resilience of Infrastructure Through… United Nations Satellite Centre UNOSAT
Thimphu, Bhutan
Self-paced, open-enrolment event
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1 Days
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Satellite Imagery and Analysis
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The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient
Infrastructure (CDRI) are working together to support countries in improving infrastructure resilience
through the Enhancing Resilience of Infrastructure Through Strengthened Governance Project. The
United Nations Satellite Center(UNOSAT) hosted by the United Nations Institute for Training and
Research(UNITAR) is supporting UNDRR and CDRI in the implementation of this project in Bhutan.
While the project has a global reach, it targets in-depth engagement in four selected countries from
different regions. For Bhutan, in South Asia, the project led by the Government of Bhutan with the
Department of Local Governance & Disaster Management from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bhutan
as project coordinating entity focuses on analysing the current state of infrastructure resilience; a
review of the regulations and policies governing key infrastructure sectors and designing policy and
strategy recommendations on current regulations, policies and strategies to facilitate multi-
stakeholder risk-informed decision-making, support the development of long term plans and strategies
where needed for integration of resilience in infrastructure projects and providing sectoral and cross-
sectoral recommendations to effectively implement resilience measures.

Event objectives

The meeting will be convened to introduce the project to Bhutanese counterparts, validate a
preliminary institutional map, define the relative scope of engagements with line ministries, and
discuss initial results from a preliminary review of existing policies and regulations related to the
present infrastructure resilience in Bhutan.