Sep 2023
Joint Swiss-UNITAR Budgetary Matters Multilateral Diplomacy
New York,
5 Sep 2023 to 7 Sep 2023
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3 Days
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Multilateral Diplomacy, Other
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The UN system is mainly financed through assessed and voluntary contributions from Member States. The UN Specialized Agencies are funded partly through assessments and voluntary contributions. The course will go through the Regular Budget, the Peacekeeping Budget, and the international tribunals budget, which are funded through assessments. Also, this course will explore how the UN Programmes and Funds are financed through voluntary contributions from Member States. The participation of UN officials and elected chairs of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) and Job Inspection Unit (JIU), as well as the role of those institutions in the budget delivering process is of paramount importance to new delegates. The Fifth Committee, as a General Assembly specialized policy making process, is a critical part of understanding the UN Budget System.

The Fifth Committee is the Committee of the General Assembly with responsibilities for administration and budgetary matters. Based on the reports of the Fifth Committee, the General Assembly considers and ap- proves the budget of the Organization in accordance with the charter of the United Nations.

Relevant topics will include the Implementation of Management Reform, with a concentration on Peace and Security in efforts to increase rec- ognition and integrated efforts towards prevention, as well as Develop- ment to achieve global development plans and to better governance and coordination. Other relevant topics will include Human Resources Man- agement, Human Resources Strategy, HRM resolution, as well as an in-depth and productive look into Scale of Assessments.