Aug 2022
Education First - United Nations Programme Multilateral Diplomacy
Geneva, Switzerland
14 Aug 2022 to 18 Aug 2022
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Duration of event
5 Days
Programme Area
Multilateral Diplomacy
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0041 22 591 13 25
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Public – by registration
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It is up to the new generation to find innovative solutions and contribute to the future well-being of humanity. The cornerstone of this is a global spirit of international cooperation based on the exchange of ideas. In our globalized world, English has emerged as the most commonly spoken language, with a total of 1.3 billion English speakers worldwide. Improving English language skills is, therefore, a key necessity for intercultural dialogue.

Therefore, Education First (EF) and UNITAR have joined forces to offer an English language learning programme for students and young adults in French-speaking nations. The programme will not only provide participants with in-depth English language training in the prestigious halls of the Palais des Nations but also give them first-hand experience of the multifaceted workings of the United Nations. In doing so, participants will gain the skills needed to provide the innovative solutions of tomorrow.

Event objectives

The goal of the programme is the provide participants with the skills necessary to impact the world of tomorrow. English will be in the foreseeable future the most widely spoken language in the world. In order to facilitate global change, communication and the exchange of ideas is of the essence. At the end of the intensive English language course, participants should have considerably improved their English skills and gained valuable insights into the multifaceted workings of the United Nations.


Content and Structure

The Education First-United Nations programme is held in Geneva in the Palais des Nations and consists of a one-week face-to-face English language course for French-speaking students and young adults. The courses are taught by Education First's French-speaking English teachers. Modules on the functioning of the United Nations will be provided by UNITAR.


  • EF English language class 
  • Palais des Nation private guided tour
  • Model United Nations introduction


  • EF English language class
  • Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals 


  • EF English language class
  • Field visit to a UN organization (tba.)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication workshop


  • EF English language class 
  • Negotiation skills workshop


  • EF English language class
  • Model United Nations debate
  • United Nations career session / closing session
  • Boat Dinner Cruise on lake geneva 


Targeted audience

The EF-United Nations programme is open to all students and young adults in French-speaking nations who wish to improve their English skills and gain valuable knowledge about the United Nations in Geneva. The courses are open and suitable for any young adult at any English level A1 to C2. 

To be eligible, participants must reside in a French-speaking country. Participants may include high school and university students as well as all other young adults with a strong desire to improve their English language skills. 

In order to ensure the best quality of content, a maximum of 60 participants will be able to register. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional information

UNITAR will be responsible for the overall design, coordination and implementation of the Education First United Nations Programme. It will liaise with participants on a regular basis prior to the activity's implementation in order to ensure a smooth and flawless organization for everyone involved. 

The participation is only open for french-speaking students who reside in the french regions of the world!