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The Climate Change International Legal Regime has been developed under the InforMEA Project and it has been affiliated to UNCC:LEARN, Green Development and Climate Change Unit of UNITAR.

InforMEA is steered by the MEA Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Initiative with the support of UN Environment and the European Union. The course is based on the UN Environment Training Manual on International Environmental Law. 

The MEA IKM initiative currently includes 43 international and regional legally binding instruments from 18 Secretariats hosted by four UN organizations and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in the framework of a collaboration with UN Environment, has designed the course’s new learning architecture and conceived the instructional design approach, including interactive learning objects, exercises, assessments of learning and evaluation. The Institute has also produced the course documentation. The Climate Change International Legal Regime course is fully aligned with international standards on e-Learning for capacity building.

Event objectives

The Climate Change International Legal Regime course covers the causes and effect of Climate Change; describes the mechanisms established by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and explains the key provisions and commitments established by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. It presents the legally binding framework in the fight against climate change. It addresses the mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases and the adaptation to climate change.

Content and Structure

The course is structured around three modules:

  1. The Climate Change Convension Regime.
  2. The Kyoto Protocol
  3. The Paris Agreement
Learning objectives
  • Explain the causes and effect of climate change
  • Describe the key provisions, commitments and mechanisms established by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Explain the negotiation process and the amendments of the Kyoto Protocol Define the commitments set to Annex B Parties I
  • Describe the 3 flexible mechanisms established to facilitate the implementation of the commitments
  • Explain other key provisions of the Protocol
  • Describe the building blocks and main provisions of the Paris Agreement
  • Describe relevant provisions of the decision adopting the Paris Agreement
  • Identify the first steps to be taken after the entry into force of the Agreement

The course is designed to give flexibility to plan the learning process. The interactive lessons , quizzes can be accessed throughout the course. The lessons are all available simultaneously. One needs about 3 hours to complete the course.  

Each interactive module is accompanied by a quiz.To receive a Certificate of Participation one needs to achieve a minimum grade of 60% on each quiz associated to each module.

Targeted audience

The courses is addressed to the general public, but not exclussively.