Nov 2022
CIFAL Flanders - SDGs Masterclass Series People
Brussels, Belgium & Web based
29 Mar 2022 to 7 Nov 2022
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Duration of event
8 Months
Programme Area
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Private – by invitation
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English, French, Other

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a globally accepted policy text that calls for sustainable action in 17 areas, known as the SDGs. The making of this commitment by more than 190 countries highlights the increasing relevance of sustainability in all aspects of our lives. 

Event objectives

The principles of universality, connectedness and development cooperation are crucial in creating a sustainability framework for all actors of society, including your organization. This SDG Masterclass offers your organization the opportunity to contribute to this global commitment and develop an effective SDG action plan tailored to its needs.

Learning objectives:

  • Translate the content of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (focusing on the 5 Ps and the 17 SDGs) as a sustainability framework tailored for your organization.
  • Apply the principles of social responsibility to your organization.
  • Set up an SDG action plan and integrate sustainable development into your business strategy.
  • Learn to understand the link between sustainable development, peace (dealing with conflict) and human rights as well as the link between sustainable development and ethics and good governance policies.
  • Take a holistic view of sustainability using the SDG wheel.
  • Solve the business case of the SDGs and recognize the resulting opportunities
Content and Structure

Series of Masterclasses given on different dates between March and November of 2022, in Belgium, and in different delivery modalities (virtual, face-to-face, or blended).

  • 4 trainings sessions.
  • The training sessions are moderated by CIFAL Flanders. Depending on the theme of the session, an external speaker will join with expertise in this field.
  • As a common thread throughout the SDG Masterclass, the CIFAL 'Action Learning Methodology' and the related 6 work fields will be used. The SDG Training Manual is used as a roadmap to implementation. The SDG Wheel -and related exercises- will be used as an 'assessment tool', a critical SDG assessment tool to strengthen your organization's sustainability strategy.
  • One case study is used throughout all training sessions. Participants are asked as 'homework' at each session to apply the exercise applicable to the case study to their own organization as well. The case is tailored in consultation with the participants.

Action-Learning Methodology: learning activities include, among others, an interactive lecture and self-assessment exercises.

The central purpose of CIFAL Flanders is to develop and strengthen human capacities to better respond to development challenges.

CIFAL Flanders relies on an Action Learning approach that aims to:

  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experiences and best practices amongst government officials, private sector and civil society leaders.
  • Enhance capabilities to effectively perform relevant tasks.
  • Encourage cooperation and the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships

At CIFAL Flanders, every Action Learning for Sustainability Leadership begins with:

  • The theoretical frame.
  • A period of strategic questioning of the problem.
  • Action items and goals.
  • Analyzing and reflection.
Targeted audience

Multi-actor: governments, businesses, civil society, academia.