The year 2023 was a very special and exciting one for the UNITAR Division for Prosperity, as we celebrated not only the 60th anniversary of UNITAR but also the 20th of the Hiroshima Office, which is a part of the Division for Prosperity. We held many events in Japan and Geneva, together with our Advisory Board members, partners, alumni and supporters of UNITAR.

As we close the year with many fond memories, we remain committed to serving the world so that 20 years from now, we can all live in a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous world.

“People are the core of nation-building, community-building, and society-building. UNITAR will continue to work together with the people of Japan and other countries to bring peace and prosperity to the world through capacity-building.” - Mihoko Kumamoto, Director, Division for Prosperity

“On behalf of the UNITAR Hiroshima Office, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported the activities of the Hiroshima Office over the past 20 years. Starting next year, with a renewed spirit, the entire staff will work together to deliver high-quality training to people around the world.”- Chisa Mikami, Head, Hiroshima Office

Highlights from 2023


23 June – Metaverse Event: 20 Years of Innovation

The “20 Years of Innovation: UNITAR Hiroshima Metaverse Award Ceremony” – part of the anniversary events – was the first-ever metaverse event held by the Division. The winners of a TikTok video challenge were announced at the virtual Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The participants of the video challenge expressed their creativity with mobile media and digital tools and showcased the role of youth in digital innovation and the promotion of sustainable development.


28 June – Book Launch and Roundtable: UNITAR Hiroshima Fellowship for Afghanistan Anthology

We celebrated the publication of the UNITAR Hiroshima Fellowship for Afghanistan: An Anthology with a book launch and roundtable event. The book is a collection of writings on the history, challenges and achievements of the Afghanistan Fellowship Programme, which ran for 15 years. The anthology was co-edited by Ms. Nassrine Azimi, founding director of the UNITAR Hiroshima Office, and Ms. Humaira Khan Kamal, the original team leader for the Fellowship.


29 June – 60th/20th Anniversary: Tokyo Ceremony

June 29- Then Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi attended the UNITAR anniversary ceremony in Tokyo, along with around 100 guests from the House of Representatives, House of Councillors, foreign diplomatic missions to Japan and international organizations in Japan. Congratulatory video messages from Prime Minister Mr Fumio Kishida of Japan and Secretary-General Mr António Guterres were also featured, acknowledging the vital role of UNITAR’s programmes.
Highlight Video of the Tokyo Ceremony


30 June – 60th/20th Anniversary: Hiroshima Ceremony and Reception

The UNITAR anniversary ceremony in Hiroshima was joined by approximately 100 guests, which included Hiroshima Prefecture Governor Mr. Hidehiko Yuzaki and Hiroshima City Mayor Mr. Kazumi Matsui. The governor and mayor acknowledged the achievements of the UNITAR Hiroshima Office and its enduring partnership with the local community over the last two decades.

The ceremony was followed by a reception with over 200 guests, including UNITAR Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Dai Tamesue, UNITAR Association members, UNITAR Division for Prosperity Advisory Board Chair Mr. Michael Fors, and local UNITAR supporters.

- Highlight Video of the Hiroshima Ceremony



1 July – Public Forum: Empowering Changemakers

Over 100 guests joined us for the public forum “Empowering Changemakers – A Force towards Sustainable Futures” at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Panellists such as international journalist, musician and commentator Mr Moreley Edmund Robertson joined the event for a fruitful discussion.

The anniversary forum emphasized the importance of youth empowerment and fostering a culture of positive change. The panellists highlighted the role and value of courage and education in making a difference.


3 October – Geneva Public Forum: Scaling Responsible Entrepreneurship and Solutions to Global Challenges

In partnership with the University of Geneva, the Division for Prosperity hosted a 60th-anniversary public forum “Scaling Responsible Entrepreneurship and Solutions to Global Challenges” in Geneva. The forum featured members of the UNITAR Division for Prosperity Advisory Board and focused on the challenges, best practices and ways forward to generate prosperity through responsible entrepreneurship and innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event brought together individuals and organizations from Geneva, home to more than 600 international organizations, to foster public-private partnerships to accelerate progress towards the SDGs.


For the Hiroshima Office anniversary events in Japan, we received these congratulatory messages.

The Division for Prosperity is grateful for all the warm and encouraging support from partners and supporters in 2023. We look forward to serving the world in 2024 to leave no one behind.

Learn more from the stories of the changemakers.

UNITAR Hiroshima 20th Anniversary Video

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