Dorothea Gieselmann
October 2023
September 2026

Ms. Dorothea Gieselmann brings over 20 years of experience as a German diplomat. As Head of the Division of UN Economic, Social and Development Issues of the German Federal Office she coordinates i. a. the advancement of the Agenda 2030. She served in various functions at the Ministry in Berlin and in German Embassies in Skopje, Warsaw, Kabul and Belgrade. She was Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Serbia from 2018 to 2022. Before her present assignment, she was Acting Head of the Task Force Afghan Relocation. Prior to entering the Foreign Service, Ms. Gieselmann worked as a lecturer at the University of Muenster. She holds a degree in Slavonic Studies, History and Economics from the University of Muenster. Among her fields of interest are the history and culture of Central, South Eastern and Eastern Europe and Feminist Foreign Policy.

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