What We Do

The New York Office of UNITAR is dedicated to fulfilling its small part in the broader mandate of the United Nations. Pursuant to its origination in a General Assembly resolution in 1964, UNITAR seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the Organization, especially within the New York diplomatic community – the largest such community in the world. To this end, the New York Office aims to equip members of this community with the capacity to navigate and contribute to the United Nations more broadly. In particular, it seeks to respond to the needs of delegates from developing and least developed countries, providing them with the knowledge and capabilities necessary to operate effectively within the United Nations system.

The office works with a wide range of partners from within the United Nations community, including those in the private sector, non-governmental organizations and academia. We are supported by a dedicated network of instructors, some of whom are volunteers, who are experts in their own technical field. These instructors play a crucial role in fulfilling UNITAR’s mandate, allowing for the transfer of knowledge within the United Nations system and amongst Member States.  


Each year, the New York Office trains over 1,000 diplomats in a wide range of programmes. For many diplomats, being posted to United Nations Headquarters is a daunting and challenging professional assignment. UNITAR provides professional guidance through seminars, workshops and other training opportunities that fall under three broad categories:

  1. Enhanced knowledge and skills of diplomats in the multilateral environment, including negotiating effectively on inter alia peace and security and development;
  2. Enhanced knowledge on UN system, including substantive issues and international legal underpinnings;
  3. Enhanced knowledge on issues relating to inclusive governance and social cohesion, integrating issues such as respect and religion, through research initiatives;
  4. Enhanced understanding of the multilateral system through development of learning tools, DVD and e learning.
  5. Throughout its programmes, the New York Office provides a platform for meaningful engagement among delegates, academia and experts from the public and private sectors. In an effort to continually offer the most relevant services to delegates, UNITAR NYO welcomes and remains responsive to suggestions by permanent missions, and offers tailor-made training for Member States upon request.

Internship Programme at UNITAR New York

The UNITAR New York Office offers an opportunity for university and graduate students to obtain hands-on experience in multilateral diplomacy. The experience gained at this office is unique, and will greatly enhance a student's understanding and appreciation of the United Nations system.  To apply, please send a letter of motivation as well as a Curriculum Vitae to: nyo@unitar.org.

Contact us

One United Nations Plaza
Room DC1-603
New York, NY

Tel: +1 212 963 9196
Fax: +1 212 963 9686
Email: nyo@unitar.org

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