CIFAL Shanghai delivers international and domestic training programmes in cooperation with various Ministries and local governments in China, aiming to promote international cooperation, learning, best practice exchange and investment in ICT-led projects.  

CIFAL Shanghai was created under the auspices of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization with an emphasis on building local government capacities for Smart City development, e-Governance, information and communications technology services.

Scope: South and Southeast Asia

Thematic Areas:

  • Urban Governance and Planning
  • Economic Development


  • Urban Planning for Smart Cities
  • Information Technology and its Application in Developing Countries
  • Project Management and Integration of Information Systems
  • Information Technology Applications for Industry
  • Project Management for ICT and Local Development
  • E-Governance

CIFAL Shanghai Director

Genxiang Wang

Mr. Genxiang Wang serves as Director of CIFAL Shanghai since 2009. Since 2000, He has been the Deputy Director & Senior Engineer of the Shanghai Internet Economy Consulting Center, Director of the Shanghai Informatization Cooperation & Communication Center, and Director of the Regional Cooperation Office for City Informatization.

His work mainly focuses on education and management of information technology, research and planning on informatization applications, E-governance and knowledge management, cooperative projects on training and communication with United Nations and other international organizations.

Between 1997 and 2000, He was the Deputy Chief and Chief at the Divisions of Training, Development Planning, and Cooperation of Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission, Shanghai Municipal Informatization Office, and Shanghai Info Port.

Mr. Wang is a Researcher at the Institute of Information and Science of the Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS), Guest Researcher at Shanghai Normal University, and Advisory Committee Member of the TCDC/ECDC Network in China, United Nations Development Program. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University

CIFAL Shanghai Deputy Director

Yugang Wu

Mr. Yugang Wu serves as Deputy Director of CIFAL Shanghai, since its establishment in 2007 and Deputy Division Chief of the International Cooperation Department of Shanghai Internet Economy Consulting Center since 2004. Mr. WU is a Master graduate of Shanghai University of Science & Technology, with a Bachelor’s degree in Power Engineering in Fudan University, China.

In 1993, he was invited to be involved in a research project in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering in the University of Stuttgart as a visiting scholar in Germany. Since 1997, he has been engaged in the research and development on management information system and responsible for consultation and trainings on the application of management information systems. Prior to 2010, he was in the management team of the Annual Forum on City Informatization for the Asia Pacific Region, liaising with several United Nations organizations such as UNIDO and ITU, as well as authorities in China such as Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shanghai Municipality.

In cooperation with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research, he was the major player in designing and arranging workshops and seminars on the Digital Local Agenda. Since 2009 he played an essential role in managing and coordinating China’s foreign-aid training programs for CIFAL Shanghai, sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, reaching to 415 participants from 89 developing countries so far. In 2012, He was appointed as the consultant for China South-South Cooperation projects sponsored by the special Unit for South-South Cooperation in the United Nations Development Program.

Contact Information


Telephone: +86 21 6510 6705
Address: 4F, Putuo Science and Technology Building
No. 1255 Xikang Road, Shanghai, P.R. China


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