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21 April 2021, Abu Dhabi, UAE - The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is delighted to announce the signing of a joint agreement between Rabdan Academy, UAE, and UNITAR. The MoU was signed at Rabdan Academy’s campus in Abu Dhabi by Mr. James Morse, President of Rabdan Academy, and Mr. Nikhil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNITAR. Both partners stressed the importance of joint training and educational efforts to address the challenges facing the UAE and the wider international community.

“Through this agreement, we look forward to further strengthening the position of the UAE in the international community as a positive force for good and a leading country in giving support and assistance to those in need. I am delighted that the Academy has a role in contributing to the UAE’s strategic goals in international relations, to achieve the objectives of the wise leadership and highlight the positive contribution of the nation.” Mr. James Morse said.

Mr. Nikhil Seth said: “We are very pleased to sign an agreement with Rabdan Academy, as it is a promising and respected educational and training institution in the region. The agreement will enable us to jointly provide practical experience and international training, and we will work together to develop training programs that contribute to the development of national competencies, both for the UAE and the wider international community."

The agreement brings together Rabdan’s unique blend of academically rigorous and experiential learning, with the specialized and demanding requirements of UNITAR, and aligns perfectly with the Academy’s Mission to provide world-leading higher education, training and research to individuals and organizations in the safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management domain in support of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further, the agreement envisions working with a wider range of partners in the Arab world on a program of seminars, workshops and publications to improve our understanding of the common challenges facing the international community.

Promising prospects

This agreement opens many opportunities for cooperation between Rabdan Academy and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, represented in the design and development of specialized and unique programs that provide opportunities for experiential learning and practical experience, as well as the development of courses and training materials aligned to UNITAR standards.

The agreement supports the joint work between the Institute and Rabdan Academy to attract high-caliber lecturers and trainers with international experience to present the best training practices, in addition to the joint administrative and technical follow-up provided by the agreement to ensure the quality of training programs in accordance with international standards.


Rabdan Academy

This agreement paves the way for establishing partnerships with academic bodies, centers of excellence, and training institutions in the Arab Gulf region and across the Middle East in areas of common interest, conducting research on the application of advanced technologies and methodologies in the fields of education and training, and developing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that contribute to enhancing learning. In addition to the continuous exchange and sharing of knowledge resources such as reports, studies, policies, training materials, research, books and related periodicals.

About Rabdan Academy

Rabdan Academy is a unique, world-class, UAE government institution, established in 2013, that offers multi-agency education and training in the areas of safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management (SSDEC), across the entire spectrum from vocational training to postgraduate programs, to promote cooperation and coordination between relevant national institutions and provide future leaders to ensure a highly specialized, multi-disciplinary, coherent, robust and sustainable national capability, ready to protect the nation and its people.

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