19 March 2024, Derby, United Kingdom - Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2023, the University of Derby recently hosted the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The two-day visit started with a presentation on hostage negotiation in Afghanistan, highlighting the role of intergovernmental agencies and local leaders in safeguarding civilians. This was followed by a networking session with MSc Intelligence, Security and Disaster Management students, and staff from across the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences (BLSS).

Represented by Mr Frank Borchers and Dr Jon-Hans Coetzer, UNITAR expressed satisfaction with the level of engagement displayed by the University of Derby staff and students.

Facilitated by Dr Dolapo Fakuade MSc Programme Director, day one of the visit included a tour of the School of Law and Social Sciences, a walk through the city centre and a planning meeting which focused on student experience, research and sector engagement and other areas of collaboration between UNITAR and University of Derby.

Day two of the visit was a strategic meeting with senior management and the global engagement team led by Dr Tola Adesina, Associate Provost, Global Engagement, BLSS Deputy Dean Andrea Ward, and Professor Lynn Saunders who is the Head of the School of Law and Social Sciences. The meeting focused on key deliverables, learning and knowledge collaboration and the Professional Doctorate Programme for global leaders.

Overall, UNITAR is keen to continue working in different capacities with the University of Derby because of the role of the MSc Intelligence, Security and Disaster Management programme in developing future leaders. An invitation to the next UN conference in Brussels later in the year was extended to the students and staff.

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