About the Conference and How to Register

The 13th annual conference presented by GILPP and UNITAR is taking place virtually from 20-22 June 2023. To register click here.

This Conference is open to all who are Committed to Advancing Good Governance and Human Rights:

  • Government Leaders
  • Leaders of International Organizations 
  • Key Stakeholders and Policy Implementors
  • Academia
  • Organization Leaders
  • Private Sector Leaders
  • Media Leaders
  • Civil Society and Other Stakeholders

Attendees of the Peace and Security Conference will receive a Certificate of Participation from both GILPP and UNITAR.

Peace and Security Conference Speakers Include:

“Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Development” Mr Alex Mejia, Division Director at United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

“The Global Fight Against Human Trafficking” Honorable Rosi Orozco, Mexican Activist Against Human Trafficking and a 2019 Nobel Prize Nominee

“Continuing the Fight Against World Hunger” Mr David Beasley, Former Executive Director of World Food Programme and 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Tomorrow’s Leaders and the New Approach to Planning” Mr Michael McCathren, Senior Principal of Enterprise Innovation, Chick-fil-A

A Special Invitation From GILPP Executive Director Dr. Henry Deneen

“This summer’s GILPP Peace and Security Conference will be an incredible opportunity to link with global leaders and experts who are addressing some of the most critical topics in today’s world, including Peacemaking through good governance, combatting corruption, and ensuring human rights. Offered in cooperation with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the conference will be highly Interactive with dynamic speakers, focused breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and opportunities to interact and network with leaders, speakers, and peers!"

Dr Henry Deneen, J.D. Executive Director Geneva Institute of Leader and Public Policy and Global Hope Network International—Geneva

About Geneva Institute for Public Policy (GILPP)


Under the supervision of the parent-organization Global Hope Network Intl., GILPP provides leadership development and justice training to national leaders, lawmakers, civil society leaders, and private business owners. This training is designed to help move nations toward prosperity and liberty by implementing public policy and rule of law initiatives that ensure transformational community development that has the legal foundation and leadership to ensure long-term sustainability.

In 2009, GILPP was established to help leaders transform their nations toward sustainable development, prosperity, and liberty by creating transformational leadership skills, and public policies based on a cultural worldview, including public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership.

GILPP supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believes that helping U.N. Member States achieve the SDGs can be greatly enhanced through the use and adoption of GILPP case studies and strategies.

GILPP builds effective new partnerships and provides sustainable education and development training so that the poorest of the poor can take the leading role in solving their problems using local resources, and without becoming dependent on foreign partners, which is critical. The Peace and Security Conference will ensure that U.N. Member States are equipped to tackle the challenges they face.

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