UNITAR and Kids Speak Out launch a new initiative, engaging youth worldwide.


30 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland - As nations grapple with the effects of climate change, inequality and injustice, and other global issues, young people have stepped up as change-makers within their local and regional communities. However, despite the positive actions of many, their creative solutions need to reach a wider audience. To give the youth the voice they deserve, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research is partnering with Barbara Harrison Media and Kids Speak Out to launch the project:  Through the Lens of the Youth Documentaries by Youth Worldwide

This 13-episode creative series invites young people from various backgrounds to create a short video on a particular sustainable development goal and its impact on their community. The project aims to expose the audience to the different topics that embody each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and its effect on the lives of youth worldwide, all through the lens of video creation. 

By exposing a global audience to various contemporary issues as viewed by the young people who tackle them with innovative solutions, Kids Speak Out (KSO), and UNITAR will increase and give importance to meaningful conversations regarding sustainability and its impact on the global community.

UNITAR and KSO invite you to apply, to learn more click here.

About Barbara Harrison Media

Barbara Harrison Media

Barbara Harrison Media Inc, founded in Washington, DC in 2019 has produced several podcasts and video series including Behind The Lines: The Greatest War Letters Ever Written and the Stories Behind Them, and Kids Speak Out: Conversations with Children. KSO offers twenty-minute interactive episodes hosted by Barbara Harrison with children, ages 6 – 19 from all over the world viewable on YouTube. Nominated for a national Emmy in 2021, Kids Speak Out works with the Department of Education, Described and Captioned Media Programme to distribute the Kids Speak Out series to public schools nationwide. Barbara Harrison has worked as a television journalist in San Francisco, Dallas and Washington, DC. She is the recipient of many local and national awards for her work, including 19 Emmy Awards. In addition to 38 years as an anchor/reporter for NBC-Washington, she is credited with creating a celebrated programme known as Wednesday’s Child on NBC stations across the country. The project became the model for similar programmes worldwide. Barbara has been honoured for her skill at interviewing children. One observer noted that “she never talks down to kids.” She brings out the unique personalities of the children she interviews, encouraging them to express themselves and share their feelings and opinions. BHM Group is the non-profit 501C3 partner with Barbara Harrison Media.

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Participants of Through the Lens of the Youth Documentaries by Youth Worldwide will be children from countries worldwide, including a variety of diverse backgrounds. The documentaries will be submitted and judged in three age groups: 11-14,15-19 and 20-26.

If you have any questions please reach out to:

Ms Imaan Khan, Assistant to the Director Programme Coordinator Division for People and Social Inclusion: Imaan.KHAN@unitar.org

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